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Why Your Project Needs Philadelphia Construction Services
May 17, 2021 at 9:30 PM
Construction services in Philadephia, PA.

When you undertake an expansion or new construction for your company, you quickly realize that it requires full-time supervision and decision-making. Depending on the size of your company, you may try to incorporate those additional tasks into an existing position. Or, you may consider hiring a new role within your company to handle the management for the project.

You can work with Philadelphia, PA construction services rather than overburdening your staff with responsibilities or your budget with a new full-time salary. A construction manager helps ensure the project gets done on time, on budget, and with work done to the highest standard possible. They can join your project as early as the first estimate and stay past construction to perform building maintenance and operation. During construction, they provide expert help with quality control, cost control, scheduling, and more.

Here are four reasons your project needs Philadelphia construction services.

#1. Get detailed, expert preliminary estimates for your project.

When you’re in the planning and development stage of a new project, it's hard to get an accurate assessment of the project’s full scope. But it’s invaluable to incorporate a conceptual estimate into your planning while choosing sites, hiring contractors, and developing plans for a new building.

Construction services in Philadelphia include preliminary estimates, material take-offs, quantity surveys, and the expected labor requirements for the entire project. These figures help your development team plan, strategize, and project the total cost of the build.

#2. Ongoing scope of work reviews leading up to project launch.

During pre-planning, your team will find that the project’s scope develops, becoming more focused and deliberate. A Philadelphia construction services company provides guidelines for submitting design and scope packages in stages to ensure the estimate, budget, and timeline continue to align with the design and proposed build.

Construction services act as experienced guides from pre-planning to the maintenance of the facility to ensure you’re fully informed every step of the way during the build.

#3. Control the quality, cost, and schedule of your project.

Even if you hire a general contractor you trust, a construction manager provides on-site support and guidance throughout the workday. From managing the scheduling of contractors and subcontractors to directing the flow and timing of the build, a construction manager helps keep commercial, industrial, and public facility builds moving.

With years of industry experience, they keep a large-scale vision of the project in mind while making critical decisions about minute details to maintain quality.

#5. Outsource your operation and maintenance of your new facility.

Experienced construction services go beyond the build to provide lasting value for your new building and facility. Operation and maintenance (O&M) allow you to outsource many of the functions and duties that the new building requires, ensuring experienced technicians maintain the property’s value.

O&M can include a wide range of responsibilities, which you can outsource to Philadelphia construction services to reduce your payroll costs and eliminate time-consuming training. Plus, you’ll know that experts maintain certain aspects of your building:

  • General facility functions
  • Daily operations responsibilities
  • Maintenance of facility or building parts
  • Replacement of structural elements of the building

The Operation Instruction services from IBM Construction Management & General Contractor ensure your building receives expert maintenance by the team that built it.

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IBM Construction Management & General Contractor provides essential construction services in Philadelphia. Our team is OSHA and MBE-certified, and we’re part of the African American Chamber of Commerce. We pride ourselves on delivering four construction management principles to the highest standard at every job: cost management, time management, quality management, and safety management.

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