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When to Hire Construction Management Services for a Project
November 30, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Image of a crane guided by the planning of construction management services.

When you’re ready to expand or move your business into a new construction building, you may not know what steps to take next. The scope of your project determines whether you need to hire an architect or a general contractor. You may only need to hire individual construction specialists for some renovations, such as drywallers or painters. Whatever your project, hiring construction management services as soon as possible gives you the guidance and expertise you need to complete your project on time and within budget. IBM Construction Management & General Contractor offers skilled, reliable services for new construction projects in Philadelphia.

Bring in a construction manager from the initial project idea.

General contractors who provide management services bring years of experience to your project. Early involvement of a construction manager in the idea and design process will give you an accurate estimate and timeline for completion. Their expertise is invaluable, particularly if you’re unsure about the next steps to take for a renovation or new construction.

In addition, construction managers working alongside your architect or designer can offer their job site expertise. Hands-on expertise in construction processes and operations will better execute your design vision. Plus, they can reduce miscommunication regarding the design or push back on aspects that may be too costly or impractical to realize.

What do construction managers do?

Depending on the scope of your construction project, the daily tasks can change a lot. A manager operates on a macro level to coordinate different teams while providing oversight to ensure safety, sustainability, and quality.

Initially, the construction manager meets with the property owner to discuss the project, offer insight, and then develop a plan and timeline for construction. Because of their broad-scale perspective, they’re uniquely positioned to ensure everyone on the job site stays on task and on time. Construction managers understand the timeline and how different aspects contribute to design, fabrication, and construction.

A construction manager is the steward of your vision for the final product, so they’re able to be responsive when issues arise at the job site. Property owners don’t have to interrupt their workday to troubleshoot setbacks. The construction manager handles everything and provides concise updates to the owner via their preferred form of contact, from email to telephone or in-person meetings.

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Improve cost control, quality control, and schedule control.

Redundancies and inefficiencies can bog down a commercial construction project. Minor delays quickly add up to put your build behind schedule and over budget. You may think you can save money on your new construction by handling the management yourself––hiring architects, subcontractors, and designers for individual parts of the build. But managing a commercial job site is a full-time job, on top of the responsibilities of running your company.

A construction manager has decades of experience in the industry. They know when to bring on critical roles for the project to ensure they’re prepared to deliver excellence on the job site. You can avoid a nightmare situation with your build––delayed, over budget, poor quality––by putting a general contractor with construction management services in charge.

IBM Construction Management provides Philadelphia with expert construction services for commercial projects.

We’re a team of seasoned professionals who deliver exceptional results to clients on schedule. Our services range from design and build to integrated project delivery, scheduling, and construction management. We’re here to provide expertise, guidance, and insight for commercial and retail projects across the greater Philadelphia area. Whether you’re tackling a brand new construction or a renovation, get professional handling to complete your project on time.

When you have an idea for a new project, reach out to consult with IBM for construction management services.