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What is integrated project delivery?
February 22, 2021 at 7:00 AM
What is integrated project delivery?

When it comes to big projects, there’s more than one way to go about completing them. At IBM Construction Management & General Contractor, we believe integrated project delivery, or IPD, is an effective approach to increasing worker productivity for the lifetime of a project. What is IPD? It’s a method that integrates people, systems, practices, and business structures to collaboratively maximize the talents and potential of all parties involved. Furthermore, you can reduce waste, optimize overall efficiency, and maximize project valuation.

While a definition is well and good, what goes into applying IPD and making a project that’s going well turn into a project that’s a well-oiled machine?

Multi-party contract

There’s a lot that goes into a building project. It’s more than simply an owner telling a general contractor that he wants a job done and the contractor completing it. A contract between the owner, the architect as the lead designer, and the general contractor as the lead builder is necessary to ensure that the project is done correctly from the very inception of the job.

In addition to these three, you can also include more parties like the structural engineer, electrical engineer, concrete contractor, and others. The lead builder and lead designer can use their digression to subcontract out parts of their individual tasks in order to provide their services. However, the owner should be the point of approval for all parties that are added to the contract.

Lean operating system

A lean operating system allows for streamlined concepts and functions in order to help maximize profits. Each value that’s placed within the operating system is optimized to ensure that the process works more efficiently from start to finish. Additionally, these processes can help to eliminate waste, variability, and inflexibility within a project to increase productivity and profits. This creates a cost-effective project that makes it easier for everyone involved to reach their highest potential through the course of the project lifecycle.

Collaborative culture

Any project that takes more than one person requires a certain level of collaboration. All three parties (or more) in the contract must be aligned with the ultimate, singular goal. The team works together as a collective unit to provide contributions of knowledge and expertise in the beginning stages of the project to benefit the group. One benefit of the collaborative effort shared savings and profits. If the team is able to deliver the project under budget, they share savings. IPD promotes a collaborative culture to encourage a more efficient workflow. This culture also moves downhill as supervisors encourage the laborers to work collaboratively within their ranks to work in a more orderly manner.

Is integrated project delivery right for you?

At IBM Construction Management & General Contractor, we understand that this model isn’t for everyone. So who does it work best for? Large projects with a budget larger than $5 million are typically where this approach is used. However, it’s important to keep in mind that working relationships are a key component to effectively using the IPD model. If you don’t have any such relationships yet, we can help.

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