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Intro to Integrated Project Delivery for Commercial Projects
December 15, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Image of a group of people meeting as part of an integrated project delivery (IPD) construction approach.

Keeping costs low is a top priority when you embark on a new construction project for your commercial enterprise, regardless of the type–new construction, renovation, or expansion. However, when you have multiple points of contact, from architects to contractors and designers, it’s easy for there to be redundancies and miscommunications––simple errors that ultimately drive up costs.

More organizations turn to general contractors that provide integrated project delivery services for their construction projects every year. This blog will introduce you to these services and explain how they can improve your next new construction or renovation.

What is integrated project delivery?

Integrated project delivery, or IPD, is a holistic approach to construction that looks at every process element, including people, materials, and operations. It leverages assets of these individual aspects and new technologies to empower every individual and service to perform at their highest potential for increased contribution value throughout the project.

IPD seeks to eliminate redundancies while helping people and teams to perform at their highest output. Using integrated delivery saves costs on the project and allows for exceptional quality.

IPD’s unique approach to construction

Simple miscommunication between clients, architects, designers, and contractors can result in expensive and time-consuming mistakes on site. IPD provides a framework of values that creates a culture to minimize miscommunication and empowers team members to perform at their best.

Values of mutual respect, collaboration in decision making, and early involvement of key participants for early goal setting are unique in the construction industry but allow for exceptional results.

How to build a team using integrated project delivery principles

The collaboration and use of modern technology allow commercial property owners to share their vision more efficiently with all project team members. Receiving the same information in real-time helps create a cohesive vision of the final product, which all facets of the project team–design, fabrication, and construction–understand.

Most commercial enterprise owners don’t have the resources or experience to implement an integrated project delivery system for a construction project, even if they know the benefits. That’s why it’s crucial to find a general contractor who understands and uses IPD in their operations.

Established general contractors, such as IBM Construction Management, can connect you with architects and designers who already operate using IPD principles. You have a single point of contact to a team optimized to understand and execute your project vision while achieving your goals for timeline, cost, and quality.

Benefits of working with a general contractor that provides IPD services

Inefficiencies lead to astronomical waste in the construction industry. Besides the environmental impact, such inefficiencies lead to much higher costs for projects, sometimes going dramatically over the initial estimates and budget.

IPD combines a collaborative approach to idea generation, design, and execution of commercial new construction and renovation projects. Collaboration fueled by new technologies empowers teams with diverse skill sets to work cohesively, thus eliminating inefficiencies that drive up costs.

Besides being budget-conscious, IPD empowers individuals to share their talents in design, fabrication, and construction. The final product benefits from the innovation inherent in the IPD process and high-quality results from teams operating at their best.

IBM Construction Management and General Contractor offers integrated project delivery and more in Philadelphia.

Our team brings decades of diverse experience to commercial, industrial, and retail construction projects. We deliver a premier level of service that’s only possible through a dedication to excellence and industry expertise. We’re committed to staying on budget and on time from initial idea to final delivery, whatever the project. Our approach brings macro-level management with unparalleled attention to detail, whether we’re helping with the initial idea, providing estimates, or on-site as general contractors.

Contact us for a free consultation to learn more about our services in Philadelphia, including integrated project delivery.