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Conceptual Phase
September 21, 2020 at 10:00 PM
by IBM
Conceptual  Phase

There are three main sequential phases to the design bid phase delivery method:

- The design phase

- The bidding (or tender) phase

- The construction phase

The first phase of design is the Conceptual Phase. In this phase the owner retains an architect (or engineer for infrastructure works) to design and produce tender documents on which various general contractors will in turn bid, and ultimately be used to construct the project. For building projects, the architect will work with the owner to identify the owners needs, develop a written program documenting those needs and then produce a conceptual or schematic design.

This early design is then developed, and the architect will usually bring in other professionals including mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers (MEP engineers), a fire engineer, structural engineer, sometimes a civil engineer and often a landscape architect to complete documents (drawings and specifications). These documents are then coordinated by the project manager and put out for tender to various general contractors.

This will put ideas to form, decide what can be done and how to make necessary plans to account for any difficulties that may arise, safety and planning procedures details that must be considered before sketching the composite.