It is paramount that all construction activities are coordinated to work in harmony for a smooth running project from start to completion. IBM will provide constant communication and transparency status to our clients on all scheduled task.

Scheduling is an effective management tool to reduce risk and improve project performance. Improved performance can be gauged by our ability to quickly identify construction delays, as soon as they occur, and develop recovery plans to maintain the original schedule and eliminate unanticipated costs associated with delay and/or acceleration.

Critical path method allows you to have a look at the head and the tail of your project: which means, you know when the best time to start the project is and what things could affect the completion of the project. At every look you have a complete understanding of where your project is standing as well as the knowledge of components that could delay or expedite your project.

However, this must be remembered that you need to have information about all the processes and activities that will be involved in completing the project. Only when you have all the information about all that is involved in the project will you be able to draw a diagram that actually helps you in planning the project.